The Nockberge National Park 

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The Nockberge National Park is located in the south of Austria, in the Province of Carinthia. It extends as far as the Lieser valley and along an imaginary line from Eisentratten to Radenthein in the west, from Bad Kleinkirchheim to Patergassen in the south, from Patergassen via Ebene Reichenau to the Turracherhöhe, and then along the provincial border to Innerkrems in the north. The National Park boundaries predominantly follow the lower tree line (buffer zone); the settled area lies beyond it (National Park Region). The Nockberge National Park extends over four municipalities: Bad Kleinkirchheim, Krems in Kärnten, Radenthein and Reichenau.

From National Park to Biosphere Park

The National Park came into being on 1st January 1987. Since 2004 we have been working on remodelling it as a ‘Biosphere Park’, which will accommodate the needs and the actual circumstances of the Nockberge mountains in the best possible way. Its division into ‘nature’, ‘cultivation’ and ‘development’ zones will make it easier to fulfil the aims and objectives of farmers and cultivators. The concept of a Nockberge Biosphere Park has been developed in consultation with the key regional stakeholders: the Chamber for Agriculture and Forestry and the Nockberge National Park Authority. It represents a modern contractual model of nature conservation.

Aims and Objectives

The regional authority has identified three key targets:

  1. The preservation of pristine nature, either fully or to a large extent
  2. Protection of the plant and animal worlds, as well as their habitats
  3. Making possible an impressive experience of nature, for you and for us