Hiking paradise Nockberge mountains

The Nockberge region provides the perfect hiking terrain even for less adept mountaineers.

The gentle, soft rounded peaks of this region neither really challenge one’s surefootedness nor experience. However, the summits at up to 2,400 m above sea level provide unforgettable panoramic views from the Nockberge mountains as far as the Tauern and Karawanken mountain range.
Higher located villages and the Nockalm road enable short ascends up into the fascinating world of the Nockberge national park.


Hiking suggestions:


Starting point Falkert:

[ Falkert ]


  • Walk around lake Falkertsee, walking time 0.5 hour
  • A view to the Nockalm road and the Glockenhütte hut, walking time 1 – 1.5 hours:
    Starting point is the car park at hotel Schneekönig, from there you go to the Goggauwirt hut and follow the hiking trail no. 3 until you can enjoy the spectacular view.
  • To the Schweinbichel with a view to the Kaiserburg mountain, walking time 1 to 1.5 hours 
    Starting point is the Kärntnerhaus inn, hiking trail no. 1 to the Schweinbichel; nearly no differences in altitude. The effort is rewarded by fascinating fauna and flora and wonderful views.
  • Tour of Heidi-Alm, the children’s adventure park on alpine pastures
    A must for all children: by bringing to life the Heidi story, families visiting this theme trail are shown the wonderful natural values alpine life has to offer. An impressive family hike with over 50 cartoon characters from the movie:” Heidi, deine Welt sind die Berge”.

Hiking tours

Lake Falkertsee - Moschelitzen – lake Falkertsee

Walking time 3 - 4 hours

Starting point Karlhütte hut, left to the Moschelitzen mountain ridge (shadowy north-east slope), continue path to summit (2,310m), on to Falkertscharte, Sonntagstal valley, lake Falkertsee.

Lake Falkertsee - Falkertspitz – lake Falkertsee

Walking time 3 hours

From the starting point Heidi-Hotel take the steep climb to the Falkert summit or follow the easier path leading over the Hundsfeldscharte to the summit (2,308 m). Hike back over Falkertscharte and Sonntagstal valley to lake Falkertsee.

Falkertsee - Prießhütte hut - (Turracherhöhe)

Walking time 3 - 4 hours (or between 7 - 8 hours)

From starting point Hotel Schneekönig take hike trail no. 3 to Goggauwirthütte hut, Kaplingalm, Ochsenalm, Mayerlingalm without climbing to Nockalm road. Follow road to Prießhütte hut (private catering hut). From there you can take an organized shuttle back or continue on trail no. 109 to Pregatscharte, Winkleralm, Schafalm, Turracherhöhe

Falkertsee - Ebene Reichenau

Walking time 3 - 4 hours

Starting from the Kärntnerhaus inn take hike trail no. 1 to the Schweinbichel, then descend (note: don’t miss the well-marked fork) to hike trail no. 3 left to Ebene Reichenau (right to Patergassen).

Falkertsee - Steinnock - Klommnock - Schiestelscharte

Walking time 3 - 4 hours

From the Heidi_Hotel Falkertsee to the Hundsfeldscharte, follow hike trail no. 109 to Steinnock (2,197m) and Klommnock (2,331m), down to the Schiestelscharte where the Glockenhütte hut offers a hearty snack. Behind the hut you’ll find the legendary “Wishing Bell”. From there you can organize a shuttle back or hike back (hike down to Prießhütte hut and from there accord. to hike suggestion Falkertsee Prießhütte home).

Instead of descending to Klommnock leading to Schiestelscharte, you can also continue to Malnock (2,222m), from there down to the Unterstandhütte hut, on to the Erlacherhütte hut where you could stay overnight (1,636m). Tel. 04246/4460.

Falkertsee - Falkert-Hütte hut - Falkertsee

Walking time 4 - 5 hours

From Heidi-Hotel Falkertsee to Hundsfeldscharte, Hundsfeld Graben, Falkert Refuge House (1,557m) for a snack – short hike. The hike Tanzboden, Falkertscharte, Sonntagstal valley to lake Falkertsee takes about the same time.

Falkertsee - Moschelitzen – Matl tavern - Bad Kleinkirchheim

Walking time 3 hours

From starting point Karlhütte to Sonntagstal valley over Falkertscharte and Schwarzkofel continuing down on hike trail 109. Take hike trail no. 1 right to the wine tavern Buschenschank Matl to the game enclosure and the mill. End is Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Starting point Turracher Höhe:

[ Turracher Höhe ]

Hiking tours Turracherhöhe

Situated at 1,763m above sea level, the resort Turracherhöhe prides itself with snow assured winters with nine lift facilities including two new six-seater chair lifts. Winter walking and cross-country skiing around three idyllic mountain lakes count among the manifold options Turracherhöhe has to offer.

Walking and loop trails in winter

Walking tour around lake Turrachersee

Walking time approx. 1 hour

Set off to an idyllic walk along the shores of lake Turrachersee or enjoy the fantastic winter scenery on the lake with a sledge or on the ice-skating rink.

Turracherhöhe – lake Grünsee – Maizeitalm - Turracherhöhe

Walking time 1 –1.5 hours

From the starting point hotel Hochschober head towards lake Grünsee, continue along the lake and then turn left to a short stretch upwards on trail No. 127 to Maizeithütte hut with a view over lake Turrachersee. After a short break you might continue the hike along the eastern shore of lake Turrachersee or to the Schwarzseehütte hut at lake Schwarzsee: again a short ascend, follow a short stretch along the ski piste before crossing it, then take the trail on the left to Schwarzseehütte hut.

Turracherhöhe – ascend to Turracherlift mountain station – lake Schwarzsee

Walking time: 2 hours

Turracherhöhe with starting point Kornockbahn base station, cross the street to Wildkopf lift, follow the cross-country tracks on the left into direction Turrach lift/lake Schwarzsee (please watch out for skiers that might pass), continue along the tracks to Schwarzseehütte hut, from there down the valley to Maizeitalm hut to lake Turrachersee and starting point Kornockbahn.

The circular trails to the three mountain lakes

are popular destinations in both winter and in summer. The western lakeside promenade of lake Turrachersee has been redesigned in order to enable everyone to feel the clear water. Walking tour, family-friendly and accessible for prams.

  • approx. 1 hour
    Circular hike Walk around lake Turrachersee, playground, direct access to lake – enjoy nature and the clear water.
  • 1 hour: Lake Turracherhöhe – lake Grünsee - Turracherhöhe along lake Turrachersee heading Carinthia, continue left to lake Grünsee, trail No. 8 to serviced Karlhütte hut and back.
  • 1 – 1.5 hours: Turracherhöhe – lake Grünsee – Maizeit hut- Turracherhöhe
    Along the shore of lake Turrachersee heading to Carinthia, continue on the left to lake Grünsee, take trail No. 8 to the end of lake Grünsee, continue on a short stretch upward on trail No. 127 until Maizeithütte hut with a view over lake Turrachersee. After a short break you might continue the hike along the eastern shore of lake Turrachersee or descend to hotel Hochschober.
  • 2-3 hours: to the highest-located mountain farm in Saureggen Turracherhöhe – lake Grünsee – Saureggen – back to Turracherhöhe – direction Carinthia on trail No. 8 to lake Grünsee – follow the wide path to the Hochsinner, Carinthia’s highest located mountain farmer in Saureggen and home of Sigi Grabner, the multiple European snowboard champion. Visiting the Hochsinner farm you will understand how and where Sigi receives his physical strength, finds inner peace and regeneration after a difficult winter season.

More circular walks

To lake Schwarzsee

Walking time 1 to 1.5 hours

On the eastern shore of lake Turrachersee to hotel Hochschober – ascend to lake Schwarzsee and the Schwarzseehütte hut – back – also possible along the eastern shore of lake Turrachersee to the starting point.

Kornock base station – Panoramahütte hut – toboggan run

Walking time 1 to 1.5 hours

Turracherhöhe – ride uphill with the Kornockbahn six-seater chair lift – descent from Kornock on the right to Panoramahütte hut – from there the option to ride down with the toboggan run into the valley.

3-lakes hike: lake Turrachersee – ascent to lake Schwarzsee – lake Grünsee

Along the western shore into the direction Styria, turn right after the wooden bridge and continue on the path to the left, follow trail No.127 with ascent to lake Schwarzsee on the right through the pine forest to the Schwarzseehütte hut. From there continue the trail No 127 to lake Grünsee and back to lake Turrachersee.

One-way hikes

Turracherhöhe – lake Grünsee - Saureggen – St.Lorenzen - Turracherhöhe – hiking trail No. 8 to lake Grünsee, continue to Hochsinner farm, the highest-located farm in Saureggen, follow trail No. 8 or trail No. 154 on the left to the Pertlwirt inn in St.Lorenzen, from where you have to be picked up.

Addresses of chalets and mountain huts in the surrounding area

  • Erlacherhütte hut, 28 beds, phone 04246/4460 or 0663/40548. Access by car from Radentheim via Kaning.
  • Erlacher Bockhütte hut, two 4-bed rooms, sleeping bag in the hay, phone 04246/2320, hearty cold platter
  • Karlbad bath, eight twin -bedrooms, phone 04246/3430 • Tangerner Hütte hut, one room with two beds
  • Stanghütte hut, one room with 4 beds
  • Steigerhütte hut, phone 04732/2746, Overnight stay in sleeping bags possible